Alejo Restrepo
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The Art of Love

In a desert, a blonde woman, a dog and a voice declaiming in Mandarin. The space-time of such retrospective travel is uncertain.

Our protagonist quotes Sun-Tzu. Is love only conceivable without war?

Memories take us to the peaks of a stormy relationship where everything seems to oppose, carried away by passionate love. 

The landscape is a counterpoint to the complexity of the feelings contemplated by a doberman “a woman’s best friend”. Impotent arbiter of the antagonistic encounter of these two lovers and a strategic vengeance.

Accompanied by a music that heralds modernity in classical music and reinforces the sense of multiplicity that emerges in the narrative. A respectful re-appropriation in 16mm of classical western helps creates this experimental tribute to Isabel Villanueva's viola.

Artist: Isabel Villanueva

Label: Niusic

Production: Bleu Danube