Alejo Restrepo

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Lange Photo
ARC Studios Westside
12–34 Belgrade Street
London, E2 9DA



Director Bio

What is more real, more relatable to people than people themselves?

My work relies on the simple focus of people. Human nature in its most natural form. The intention of my consideration for the spoken word and human art is to pull the viewer out of reality, for just a second, into a place of serene realisation.

The narrated content speaks of a deeper meaning, poetic and longing.

Stories accompanied by a time-eclectic look.

Shortlisted - Young Director Award, Cannes 2015.

Bronze winner - best TV spot at The World Independent Advertising Awards 2016. 
Bronze winner - best TV spot at El Ojo de Iberoamerica Awards 2016. 

Official Selection at HollyShorts Film Festival and Berlin Motion Picture Festival

Katchi - +100,000,000 Youtube views



UK: Generator
France: Voir Pictures
Spain: Wonder
Mexico: Hero


Photographer Bio

I document people, value everyday objects, and create strange frames with architectural forms.

Real situations with natural light.

I tend to center the most important object in my story, and balance the composition with horizontal lines.

In my photos, warm tones predominate.

I shoot on Kodak Portra film and respect the contrast and colors it provides.

I'm in love with the feeling ‘one out of thirty-six’, each shot is valuable.

My ultimate goal is to create images that take us on a journey, for an instant we live that beautiful place.



Mexico: Hero